The digital presence of an entity includes all the online elements of the business and should reflect the qualities and values of the enterprise. A proper online digital presence has been and will be a major factor in helping businesses survive the COVID-19 economic shock by maintaining contact and engagement with the client base. It is also critical for the identification and development of new channels since the digital audience can be used to test the waters for new products and services. Companies with such a presence and with an engaged base of followers have been quicker to adapt to the new reality of COVID and can now provide real-time information on how the business will serve their clients as restrictions are gradually lifted.

The web portal is critical and the experience of the online users needs to be optimised. The client needs to enjoy the time online visiting the website and a static site today will not work. This means effort is required to create content that will translate to engagement and this is something that requires constant monitoring and work to ensure ongoing positive client feedback, that will spill over to other social media platforms.

The web-portal however cannot exist in isolation but is one (major) element in the entity’s digital presence. For this reason before undertaking a web development procees we first look at the full digital presence, including social media platforms.

We start working with our clients to understand where you are at in terms of digital presence, taking into account the industry you are operating in. We do this by a diagnostic process whereby we evaluate the SEO ranking, and your level of activity and engagement across the social media platforms you are using, also in terms of what your competitors and market leaders are doing. We also tap on experiences on what works best across Europe.

We have a web-development process to cater for every need incorporating the latest technologies, including the back-end requirements that are integrated with your operating systems.

A proper integrated development of an entity’s digital presence will include:

  • SEO and Ranking
  • Web design and creation
  • Dedicated development team for tailor-made back-end/front-end systems
  • Social media engagement
  • Multi-platform consistency
  • CIO services

The E-Commerce grant scheme provides up to 50% for a maximum of € 5000 for developing an e-commerce payment gateway, that may be used with some of the above selected services. Other schemes managed by Malta Enterprise may also be applicable to help support your digital presence development project.

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