In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to have clear plans for your business to get back to growth phase.  At Business Diagnostics we have developed an approach from years of experience helping businesses grow. The process is based on the four pillars approach for growth: Business Design - Funding - Business Support - Website Development.

The process starts with an assessment for the following business areas: A. Financial B. Human Resources C. Digital and Web Presence. Here we are looking at how the business is operating and how this is reflected in its digital presence and what is defining the financial parameters.

Following the initial assessment, we look at the market to see how your business is aligned with the market and what new opportunities can be leveraged with the current resources and infrastructure. These are quick wins that can be implemented in the immediate term.

We then look at the short term and long-term investment required in resources to move the business closer to the market, to safe financial waters, tapping on the inherent strengths of the entity.  During this process we test the potential plans against the market to acquire an understanding that the plans and products and changes proposed do have a market, and how this will translate into financial returns.

The digital presence of an entity includes all the online elements of the entity and should reflect the qualities and values of the enterprise. The web portal is critical and the experience of the online users needs to be optimised. This is something that requires constant monitoring and work to ensure ongoing positive client feedback. We have a web-development process to cater for every need, including the development of the back-end requirements that are integrated with your operating systems. We have a web development process to cater for different sectors using the latest technologies.

Throughout this process, we evaluate your eligibility for funding opportunities that are available in the form of grants and/or tax-credits through Malta Enterprise and the Measures and Support Division to support your strategic design, new web portal, investment in equipment, human resource development, export market and other aspects that will facilitate your path to business growth.

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